David Coallier


David is a technologist, an avid learner, an angel investor, a startup advisor, and a serial entrepreneur that likes to share stories about his successes, acquisitions, exits, choices, and failures. He is currently a data scientist at Engine Yard

Advisor & Investor

With 3.5 exits and many failures, I have amassed a tremendous amount of experience in running lean startups, raising funds, developing business strategies, and in understanding the importance of focus and self-constrain when bootstrapping and developing a brand new product.

Open Source

As an open source advocate, I've also been involved in a number of large open source projects as such as PHP, Debian Linux, the PEAR project and other smaller but fascinating open source undertakings.

Public Speaking

With experiences come stories, and I thoroughly enjoy sharing mine in order to help other entrepreneurs in their endeavour. You'll regularly see me speaking at technology and business conferences about topics from data mining, web development to investment and growing startups.


I primarly work in pattern recognition and data science. I've previously worked in facial, real-time voice recognition, adaptive threat analysis, online dating, telecommunications, auto-scaling cloud hosting and many other interesting projects.